New Additions

After a reasonably successful lambing following the disappearance of our ram Romeo, who only stayed with our ewes for two weeks only 3 of our ewes were lambless if that’s a word, so not quite the disaster we first thought.

Then a few days ago we had two more surprises (although expected), after our maiden goats Heidi and Jasmine produced two gorgeous doelings.



The girl on my left, little Tully, is a day older than little Eva on my right. Little Tully gave us a bit of a scare as she was overdue and large although quite weak and didn’t really want to feed. So after the vet came the next day we were feeding her every two hours with her mother’s milk, she had some shots too and yesterday she (thankfully) decided that she prefers to drink straight from her Ma, thank you very much!

They’ve all been outside for a few minutes only, the mum’s seeming quite nervous to  be out with them.

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