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Out of action

I’ve hurt my neck and am struggling to do what I normally do without pain, numbness and pins and needles in my right arm. It seems to be taking an age to clear up and is leaving me somewhat museless, … Continue reading

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Pate, Vodka and IBS

Well they’re not really related I just thought I’d bunch them together for the sake of this post. But I do suffer with IBS and have an issue with insoluble fibre, you know wholegrains. So I wanted to be able … Continue reading

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What to do with surfeit

We are awash with eggs and need to do something with them other than fry with bacon for a delicious breakfast, so we decided to pickle some. It really is simple and just involves hard boiling .   Cover with … Continue reading

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Claying again

Isn’t scrap clay wonderful! Struck by the similarity of the colour chart squares to the scrap clay squares. I’ve used Fimo classic on and off for years now but they’ve change the formulation and rebranded to Fimo Professional and I’m … Continue reading

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Jelly and Quilts

Hard to believe but these last few nights have been hotter than usual and I’ve been beavering away trying to finish a summer quilt I started a couple of months ago. Its a thin wadding not sure of the tog … Continue reading

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Some stuff I’ve been making

I’m developing my metalworking these days, something about making a lot of noise bashing copper sheets and wire with a hammer is very appealing. I love making beadcaps for that reason and I think they turn a bead into something … Continue reading

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