Crofting Eating

Carrot pickle

Picked some of our carrots, rather large thinnings really, and have embarked on making some carrot pickle using a recipe from Oded Schwartz.

All ingredients shredded and mixed, now needs to be left overnight to marinate before boiling and putting into jars tomorrow.


Pate, Vodka and IBS

Well they’re not really related I just thought I’d bunch them together for the sake of this post. But I do suffer with IBS and have an issue with insoluble fibre, you know wholegrains. So I wanted to be able to include more of the good soluble fibre (beans) into my diet on a regular basis and came up with this idea – cannellini bean and mushroom pate. I sauted mushrooms in a pan and mixed in some previously cooked cannellini beans, added seasoning and small amount of crumbled vegetable stock.










Once mixed I took half the portion out of the pan into my processor and blitzed them into a smooth paste. I added some curry powder to the remaining half and blitzed that too. Then spooned an equal amount into little pots and kept one pot for the fridge and toast in the morning and the other pots for the freezer.


Home made Gooseberry Vodka

We took just about 600gms  of freshly picked, cleaned and sliced gooseberries and put them in a large kilner jar, added about 300gms of sugar and topped up with vodka. Need to leave a 3 cm gap at the top so we didn’t use up a whole 1ltr of vodka. Give this a good shake and then shake daily until all the sugar has dissolved, then leave to mature until Christmas shaking occasionally. Apparently the flavour improves if left longer.






What to do with surfeit

We are awash with eggs and need to do something with them other than fry with bacon for a delicious breakfast, so we decided to pickle some. It really is simple and just involves hard boiling



Cover with cold water to cool slightly and shell. Meanwhile bring about 1lt white vinegar to boil and add some spices. I added dried birds eye chillies, cardamom pods, corriander and black peppercorns to the vinegar and cooked for a few minutes. I’d already selected a large kilner jar and had washed and put into the oven on very low for ten mins or so.

Put shelled eggs into the jar and pour on the vinegar with the spices and fill to the top ensuring all eggs are covered. Leave for one month before consuming, they last for about 6 months. I got this idea from The Accidental Smallholder website.


So we had more gooseberrys picked and made more jelly this morning and one of the pastures was cleared of thistles – good mornings work!




Xmas Ham

Started a cure for a leg of our own pork to make a ham for Christmas based on the recipe in the following link- . Started off by boning out the leg, which left a 3kg joint, then mixed up the ingredients, added a few spices and herbs, put it in a tupperware tub and bunged it in the fridge.20141201-D7K_6639.jpg

It should really have been started a week ago but I’m sure it won’t matter too much.

It’ll stay in the brine solution till a couple of days before Christmas before being drained, and left to stand or equalize. We’ll then cook it up on christmas eve ready for eating on boxing day.