Spent much of the weekend herding geese! Acquired 4 faeroese geese a couple of weeks ago and they’ve split into 2 pairs: Keely and Buffy who are a goose and a gander (Buffy is on the left and is, curiously enough, buff coloured) 20110408_191919DSC_0049

and Butch and Jesse. Butch is definitely a gander but we’re not entirely sure about Jesse, although he’s probably a gander (Butch is on the left in the photo.



Keely has made a nest in the old Lammus and has todate laid 4 eggs but her and Buffy were being bullied by the other 2 so we decided to separate the 2 pairs. Butch and Jesse have proved to have houdiniesque qualities – despite having wings clipped and fenced in they seem to find a way out of any park we put them in, hence the running around herding them up from neighbouring crofts over the weekend. If it carries on much longer they’ll end securely tucked away in a white container they definitely won’t escape from!

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