The new year

Sunday 8th Jan seemed to be the first dry, still day we’ve had for weeks and we managed to get out and take some photos and do some work

The lambs are doing well and looking healthy, although they do seem to be permanently hungry.

The 4 ewes we have left in-bye have been tupped and I assume the 5 left to their own devices on the hill are fine. As soon as it’s a nice day I’ll take a walk to see if I can find them just to make sure.


Have you seen my ball?Waiting patientlyTaking a break


Dogs are enjoying a nice day (relatively) for a change, even Josh is growling less at the pups.



The colours of winterin need of a tidyReady to be cleared for new year


Nearly time to start work on the garden and polytunnel. We leave the old dead foliage and stems on for as long as possible in the garden to provide shelter and food for the birds. Started clearing the polytunnel beds ready for planting – early tatties will be planted at the end of the month.

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