Bad weather

Day of horrendous weather – gale force winds and driving rain. Lost one gosling overnight and another later. Moved the geese from North Park to the salmon bin shelter on the rigs as they tried to cross the burn in flood and the goslings got swept down, which is what caused the second fatality. Subsequently lost a third gosling to a Raven – came out to see it flying off with gosling in it’s beak.

Had to move one ewe and lamb to the byre as it wasn’t doing very well outside in the wind and rain.

Also had to move another ewe as she was about to lamb in an inappropriate place, on the bank of the burn in flood between to ditches full of running water. With water logged ground behind her she was effectively on a island, one false stagger from the lamb and it would be swept away! She ,Geraldine, eventually lambed late in the evening when mercifully the worst of the weather had passed and we now have our 4th lamb of the season.

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