Flowers and paint


So I’ve taken up watercolours again after several years absence – why did I ever give this up? On a cold winters day to be working with such pure colour is incredible and at this time of year when the garden explodes with colour its good to get it down on paper. I love the shocking colours of the orange tulips and purple honesty.



DSC05167DSC05168I became intrigued with handmade sketch books and making them myself. Not sure how this would work I didn’t want to spend hours learning bookbinding so I decided on a simple denim rectangle (old jeans leg) with several folded pages of quality watercolour paper sewn down to the denim. The sewing thread is then wrapped around a button to secure the book shut.This is my first painted page in the little book and I have made several. The style of painting inspired by Alisa Burke’s blog – I prefer a lighter touch usually but you can’t beat her style for colour impact.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like big and don’t think I would ever attempt a large (anything bigger than A4) landscape or still life. All my samples are really quite small and for the time being thats what I’ll paint.

DSC05169    DSC05165

DSC05164    DSC05162

The internet is a fantastic library and I can spend too much time ‘researching’  artists and fellow students. Other blogs that have inspired me are written by Kaye Parmenter, Rose Anne Hayes and Laura Moore all are inspirational including Alisa Burke and I thank them for sharing their work.


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