Merry Croftmas!

Last weekend saw assorted members of the family make the winter journey up to North Roe – some flying, some on the overnight ferry and some just 45 miles away in Lerwick. Thank you everyone for making the effort of the trip to make Croftmas very special. Croftmas is a biannual event where we all get together with turkey and all the trimmings (thankyou Sly) usually a couple of weeks before the 24th, so that Tom and Anya can spend Christmas with their partners families. Next year its our turn for a family Christmas.


I bought Tom and Jilll some new Christmas jumpers and unbelievably they’d bought the same jumpers for themselves a couple of weeks earlier and were proudly sporting them on the day! There was a lot of hilarity when they opened their parcels!


We raised a couple of bronze cross turkeys (Sly and Robbie), they grew incredibly large only just fitted into the oven. Of course we didn’t know the weight of them so the cooking time had a huge question mark around it. However they turned out really well, we used the meat thermometer and everything came together. The pic is a bit blurred and doesn’t do the size any justice.


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