So much to do

Things are really revving up down here at the old Creative Croft, no time to sit around – lots to plant out

WP_20160430_12_38_44_Pro                            WP_20160430_12_38_50_Pro

Our first little lambs Samson and Delilah having a nap and the goatlings Heidi and Jasmine are a year old and growing.

.WP_20160430_09_18_19_Pro                           WP_20160501_14_53_02_Pro

Before I begin the watercolour section of the botanical art  course I’m doing I just need to work on flowers of a different kind to make more needles and buttons etc.

WP_20160501_14_37_19_Pro                        WP_20160501_14_38_01_Pro

Jasmine is a very curious goat!



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