New Year resolutions

These days I almost never make any NY resolutions because I invariably forget and lapse into my old wicked ways, but this year in January I felt a surge of ‘destash and get things finished’ energy. So as I needed to make a new topper for our bed and a lap quilt to keep out the drafts in our old croft house, I began sorting through my  hoarded stash of fabric remnants (many of which have been collected for decades) and with the help of my rotary cutter, sewing machine and iron produced these two –


I didn’t realise until I photographed the quilts just how much the one on the left reminds me of a tablecloth my mother had on the kitchen table when I was about 4 years, strange what we retain. The quilt on the right fits very comfortably on our king size bed and is just there as an extra protection for when the nights are really cold!

I am now down to one bin liner bag full of treasured bits of fabric and feeling quite pious about the whole thing. Not so my fleece stash – so having dusted off my lovely jumbo carder and armed with mini Louet hand combs which I got from Neil for  Christmas, I’m beginning to sort through all the portions of dyed fleece ready for spinning. Pics to follow.


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2 Responses to New Year resolutions

  1. Anne Barron says:

    I had exactly the same feeling this year Iwona, and am still diligently working through unfinished projects. Also doing a lot of decluttering, it does make you feel better. Love your quilts and this is something I and my group of pals have got into this year and are really enjoying.

  2. Iwona says:

    I wonder how many folk have experienced this 2017 energy Anne and what they’re doing with it. I’ve always loved fabric and sewing and seem to come back to quilts and quilting quite often. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it too.

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