Summers here!

Lovely time of the year with everything growing really well in the polycrub – we’re eating salad, beets, carrots, courgettes, beans, tatties, beans, herbs and fruit. Waiting for the toms to ripen and the squash of course. 


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The new season garlic harvest.

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Once harvested we need to air dry to cure each bulb for storage through the winter.


Heidi and Jasmine with their lovely kids Eva and Tilly enjoying the lovely summer sunshine.


This is what I’m making with their milk. Vanilla ice cream and meringues and


Soft cheese which I’ve flavoured with toasted fennel seed and lemon rind then rolled in cracked black pepper. Delicious!

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Busy December Day

Nice day for crofting – not raining, not blowing a gale and relatively warm for December. Took advantage of this and led the ewes up to the hill for tupping when the rams are ‘slipped’, which should be in the next couple of weeks. They seemed fairly happy to go, followed me all the way up and disappeared off up the hill when I opened the gate.

Ewes on the hill.jpg

Planted the garlic cloves on the rigs – all 150 of them which should be plenty for next year (planted 120 last year and have some spare). Lots of grass coming through on the planting bed though. It was rotovated in September following the tattie harvest, so might have to weed and hoe fairly intensively in spring.

Also re-arranged the sileage feeding area for the cows in the byre – it’s now slightly larger and off the ground, so there should be less wastage. Blossom has started eating carrots as well as tatties but Silvestre is still not tempted, he’s sticking to sileage and kale.