Where is Summer?

What a cold, wet miserable spring we’ve had up north following one of the wettest winters since people can remember. Our solartunnel blew away in Jan this year. This is the second one we’ve had in 10 years so about an average lifespan. We decided to go for the real McCoy this time and ordered the largest polycrub we could and Neil did a fantastic job in constructing it. It measures a whopping 12.7m x 4m and has a lot of potential for growing much more than we could in the solartunnel.WP_20150728_09_53_29_Pro



We decided to grow some tatties in the semi-prepared beds as they are brilliant at changing the soil to a lovely friable loam. I managed to get a few other seeds going earlier so we have two tomato varieties, some cucumbers growing nicely and the ubiquitous courgette. Outside we have lost half our growing space to a very healthy weed crop as the soil was too wet to work on, so this season we’ll have to make do with garlic, beetroot a few parsnips and hopefully some carrots.

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