Some stuff I’ve been making

I’m developing my metalworking these days, something about making a lot of noise bashing copper sheets and wire with a hammer is very appealing. I love making beadcaps for that reason and I think they turn a bead into something extra.


I really like seeing earwires embellished with tiny beads and have added some antiqued czech glass beads to these sterling silver wires I’ve made, held in place with fine silver wire.


Copper is such a beautiful metal, I think it has so much more depth than silver. I love the way light reflects off flattened copper wire. Finished these earrings off with a little ceramic bead.





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2 Responses to Some stuff I’ve been making

  1. Sarah says:

    Your work is beautiful 🙂 Will keep an eye on your folksy shop for sure 🙂 x

  2. Iwona says:

    Thank you Sarah for your lovely comments – must work faster!!! :))

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