Claying again

Isn’t scrap clay wonderful! Struck by the similarity of the colour chart squares to the scrap clay squares. I’ve used Fimo classic on and off for years now but they’ve change the formulation and rebranded to Fimo Professional and I’m not convinced at all. Its mushy and doesn’t hold its shape, I’m having to leave it cooling (which being the impatient type I find really irksome) before rolling and slicing and another of my pet hates, it bakes dark! Here are some tiles with scrap sheets which I’ll make into shawl pins and buttons.



This is a flower sheet in progress, which I’m filling with canes that I’ve made all from Fimo Professional, I’ll probably make some beads with this one. Think I’m going to have to play around with timings etc or maybe its time to give Kato clay another try. I used to love Kato clay it was perfect for making canes – flower or kaleidoscope and the colours were pure and clear, then they changed the formulation and I had real issues with baked beads cracking and the clay had also lost the firmness that it was known for.


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