Goodbye and hello

Its been a difficult summer/autumn from me as my neck/shoulder injury (damn those thistles) proved to be more awkward and incapacitating for me than I knew at the time. I couldn’t do anything without experiencing pain and pins and needles shooting down my right arm, not to mention numbness in my fingers. Late summer I was told I would be made redundant from my part-time job as a cook at the end of September – bummer!

Then on the 7th October my wonderful little dog Josh had to be P.T.S at 14 and 1/2 years old. He had had diabetes and blindness for 3 years following a pancreatic episode and during  the last few weeks, had slowed right down and I knew he wasn’t enjoying his life as much as before. We had such a bond, he was always by my side and I do miss him terribly.

I’ve always believed that life has a way of filling voids and after a number of years of searching for goats we are now the proud owners of a trio of Golden Guernsey cross goatlings. They were born  in April this year and we’ve decided to call  them Gerald (a wether), Jasmine his twin and Heidi.  The girls will go back to Esther who has recently acquired an unrelated GG male next autumn and hopefully 5 months later we’ll have our own baby kids.




They are a big time sink and very loving and curious. I think Neil is quite smitten with them and has probably surprised himself. I have every intention of milking the girls when they kid and am already looking forward to cheese and if there’s enough some soap.

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